Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Darryl Pinckney Sends Us A Major Knee-Bender: GIF Spotlight

Undefeated prospect Luis Leija, cousin of Jesse James Leija, was 14-0 going into his featherweight match with Darryl "The Nightmare" Pinckney. Pinckney was deceptively 19-19-2. It was 1995 and the year before this Darryl had stopped Junior Jones in three rounds. This man was one dangerous 50/50 fighter and "The Nightmare" was not an ironic nickname. He would reaffirm this point with Leija.

Pinckney KO1 Leija. If you ever wake up in life and you're staring at the full sole of one of your shoes. . . there's a good chance something went wrong for you. Leija would go on to rumble with several names but most notably he was stopped in two against Floyd Mayweather Junior. Pinckney was quite a story before and after, and he'd still go on to fight major titlists Oscar Larios, Jesus Chavez, Mauricio Pastrana, Freddie Norwood, Robert Garcia, Guty Espadas Junior and Juan Manuel Marquez. He would knockout Espadas Junior while Junior was still undefeated in 1996. He even gave Juan Manuel Marquez a scare that year.

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Serious Journeymen Are A Nightmare: GIF Spotlight

Journeyman Darryl "The Nightmare" Pinckney was a thunder-fisted seek-and-destroy man who either destroyed or got stuck seeking until the end of the fight. In October of 1994, Pinckney would take on Junior Jones with less than a week's notice, in typical journeyman fashion. Darryl was 18-18-2, while Jones was a sterling 33-1-0. It couldn't have been more obvious who would win this bout. Through round one and two it still could not have been more obvious. Until Pinckney kindly clarified the situation by abruptly one-punching Junior Jones all over the canvas.

As you can see, Jones got up and tried to play it off like nothing, but his legs were gone when the fight resumed and he tackled his opponent to the canvas, while trying to hold on until he recovered. Referee Earl Morton made the call after the tackle. Pinckney TKO3 Jones. Jones would go on to take the 0 of Mexican great Marco Antonio Barrera and beat him in a rematch. Pinckney wasn't done pulling upsets in his career and, though losing, he also dealt Juan Manuel Marquez his first surprise knockdown, if I'm not mistaken. Pinckney would finish his career at 24-42-3 and Jones at 50-6-0. The life of a journeyman is not easy. But you can still raise a ruckus while you're living it. Darryl Pinckney raised multiple ruckuses. Cheers to The Nightmare.

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Brandon Rios Gets Down: GIF Spotlight

Brandon Rios did an interview for Fight Hub TV while training for his match with Manny Pacquiao in 2013. Being known as a gym clown, he began to dance for the camera, then segued into a demonstration on what a Zumba class is like. Brandon Rios is pure entertainment, in and out of the ring.

Fight Hub TV Link Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cgNkg7VpeM

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Friday, February 23, 2018

The Dangerous Art Of Circus Boxing: GIF Spotlight

British Pathé, a treasure trove archive of everything, issued a video for these brave chimpanzees boxing from 1955. This is coverage of the Bertram Mills Circus. Obviously, these fellas ain't hurtin' each other. It's probably fixed. The mafia got into everything in the fifties.

The full video clip is here:

God bless British Pathé.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Larry Merchant Is Having None Of Your BS! (GIF Spotlight)

In January of 1997, Daniel Zaragoza defended his super bantamweight title against Wayne McCoullough in a match that left Zaragoza to say McCullough had the best chin he ever came up against and McCullough saying Zaragoza was the smartest fighter he'd ever been up against. Zaragoza took a split decision over the undefeated young challenger but a McCullough fan decided to crash Larry Merchant's interview with the old champion by yelling "He was robbed!" So, Larry Merchant...

Larry apologized (not to the fan) but to his interviewees, claiming he wasn't used to using "strong-arm tactics" to conduct his interviews. It's really too bad Ricky Hatton wasn't there to fix his hair up properly.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What Does Valium Do For You? (GIF Spotlight)

In an incredible meeting of the minds, Freddie Starr and Muhammad Ali met each other on Parkinson. English comic Freddie Starr actually out-talked Muhammad Ali. Oh, the moxie, I tell ya! With Michael Parkinson barely getting a word in, and Muhammad Ali barely getting a sentence in, Freddie Starr went bananas and monopolized the conversation, though what he said was all about The Greatest. On this GIF, Muhammad is asking Freddie about Valium:

Freddie said he gets so nervous before he watches Ali fight that he eats a Valium sandwich. If you've seen the interview, you're left with the impression that this man has ingested something very different from Valium.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Muhammad Ali Grabs A Word While George Chuvalo Punches Away: GIF Spotlight

I am reflecting on one of the toughest fighters to ever lace 'em up in Canadian heavyweight contender George Chuvalo. There are murmurs about him being essentially abducted at the age of 80 recently, in what is just one more very sad tale of George's complex family life. He has been a truly wonderful ambassador for the sport, in addition to one of the roughest contenders of the division's history. Here in March of 1966, Muhammad Ali shares a very intense moment with George in their first fight, with Ali defending his title on the road in Chuvalo's backyard.

If I recall correctly, Ali said Chuvalo was the toughest man he ever faced, and Chuvalo said the same about Muhammad. Here, you see George's tough inside body mauling and Ali's habit of holding the neck and back of the head as part of his attempt to assert his physical dominance over his opponent. That glove would work its way around, to the chagrin of a few referees as much as the opponents, whenever his opponent was pressing inside where Ali was less effective. He tried to pull down and tire them out, rough them up, stop them from continuing to work. Chuvalo kept working though, and Ali went to the hospital after winning, due to blood in the urine. They would fight again, still in Canada, still with Ali taking a hard-fought decision, and they'd be friends until Muhammad's passing in 2016. Well wishes to Mr. Chuvalo.

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