Thursday, September 12, 2013

Errol Spence VS Jesus Tavera: TKO1, No Sweat For Spence

Tonight, in a billed light middleweight contest held at MGM Grand, undefeated prospect and 2012 Olympian Errol Spence Junior faced off against similarly experienced young pro Jesus Tavera for a scheduled 8 rounds. Spence comes out patiently. Patience is a virtue but despite his virtuous demeanor he did not slow down the near-inevitable. While controlling Tavera's head with his right arm he puts a left to the body that takes Tavera down. That southpaw left hook to the body would have made Lucian Bute proud. Before round one ends Spence's killer instinct ends the match on a sustained attack, with perhaps no one punch doing the damage. The ref steps in with no level of hesitance. In the post fight interview Spence says he noticed at the weigh-in that Tavera's body was looking a little soft and he thought he'd test it. Fortunately for Spence, Tavera failed the test. Maybe he didn't recover from that initial knockdown and the better part of the fight was taken out of him there. Regardless, a nice showing by Spence and another win on his record, as well as good exposure on the FS1 broadcast.

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