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A List Of Teddy Atlas' Unofficial Boxing Score Cards For ESPN



Reynaldo Ojeda VS Monty Meza-Clay Card:
Total Score: 99-91, for Ojeda

Ojeda Rounds: 1-9
Meza-Clay Rounds: 10

Amir Mansour VS Joey Dawejko:
Total Score: 97-93, for Mansour

Mansour Rounds:  1 & 5-10
Dawejko Rounds: 2,3 & 4

(On Friday Night Fights' Facebook page, fans saw it 9 rounds to 1 for Mansour)

David Gonzalez VS Ryan Belasco:
Total Score: 59-55, for Gonzalez

Gonzalez Rounds: 1-5
Belasco Rounds: 6

(On Friday Night Fights' Facebook page, fans saw this 6 rounds to 0, for Gonzalez, but it was actually scored a majority draw, Steve Weisfeld scoring it 58-56, for Gonzalez)
Decarlo Perez VS Jessie Nicklow:
Total Score: 70-73, for Perez

Perez Rounds: 2-8
Nicklow Rounds: 1

(On Friday Night Fights' Facebook page, fans also saw it seven rounds to one)


Emmanuel Robles VS Wilberth Lopez: 
Total Scores: 59-55, for Robles

Robles Rounds: 1, 3-6
Lopez Rounds: 2

(On Friday Night Fights' Facebook page, fans saw it 4 rounds to 2 for Robles)

Taras Shelestyuk VS Juan Rodriguez Junior:
Total Score, 79-73, for Shelestyuk

Shelestyuk Rounds: 1-5, 7 & 8
Rodriguez Rounds: 6

(On Friday Night Fights' Facebook page, fans saw it 7 rounds to 1 for Shelestyuk)

Petr Petrov VS Gamaliel Diaz: 
Total Score: 100-88, for Petrov

Petrov Rounds:  1-10 (7th round a 10-7)
Diaz Rounds: None

(On Friday Night Fights' Facebook page, fans also saw it nine rounds to one)


Ahmed Elbiali VS Mike Stafford:  6 Rounds
Total Score: 59-56, for Elbiali

Elbiali Rounds: 2-5
Stafford Rounds: 6
Draw Rounds: 1 (1st round)
Special note: Friday Night Fights' Facebook page had it 6 rounds to 0 for Elbiali.

Fredrick Lawson VS Breidis Prescott: 10 Rounds
Total Score: 96-93, for Lawson

Lawson Rounds: 1, 2, 3 (10-8), 8, 9 & 10
Prescott Rounds: 4-7
Special note: Facebook fans for FNF had it scored 6 rounds to 4 for Prescott.
Teddy Atlas also did not agree with the single knockdown call by Referee Samuel Burgos.


Daniel Gonzalez VS Ken Alvarez:

Total Score: 60-53, for Gonzalez

  1, 2, 4(10-8), 5, 6 (10-8)
Alvarez: N/A
Even: 3

(Facebook Viewers scored this 3 rounds to 3 (minding the KD's)

Raymond Serrano VS Jeremy Bryan:
Total Score: 97-93, for Serrano

Serrano Rounds:  2, 5(10-8), 6, 7, 8 &10
Bryan Rounds: 3 (10-8) & 4
Even Rounds: 1 & 9

(Facebook viewers voted 8 rounds to 2 for Serrano)

John Thompson VS Ricardo Pinell:
Total Score: 59-55, for Thompson

Thompson Rounds: 2-6 
Pinell Rounds: 1

Sergio Mora VS Abraham Han:

Total Score: 117-112, for Mora

Mora: 1-6, 8 & 9
Han: 10-12
Draw: 7


Tony Luis VS Karl Dargan:
Total Score: 99-90, for Luis

Dargan Rounds: 1
Luis Rounds: 2-10, with one 10-8 round, the tenth

Willie Monroe Junior VS Brian Vera:
Total Score: 100-90, for Monroe Junior

Monroe Rounds: 1, 2 & 4-10. The fifth round was scored 10-8.
Vera Rounds: None
Draw Rounds: 3/scored a 10-10

Jarrell Miller VS Aaron Kinch:
Total Score: 60-54, for Miller.
Miller Rounds: 1-6, all 10-9
Kinch Rounds: N/A

Darleys Perez VS Jonathan Macielo:
Total Score: 116-110, for Perez.

Perez Rounds: 1, 5-9, 11 & 12 (two 10-8 rounds, 11 & 12)
Macielo Rounds:  2-4 & 10



Jermain Taylor VS Sam Soliman:
Total Score: 116-109, for Taylor

Taylor Rounds: 6-12, with rounds 7, 8, 9 and 11 all being 10-8.
Soliman Rounds: 2-5
Draw Rounds: 1


Erick Bone VS Mahonri Montes
Total Score: 100-90, for Bone.

Montes: Not applicable


Caleb Truax VS Derek Ennis: 
Total Score: 98-92, for Truax

Truax Rounds: 1-5, 7, 9 & 10
Ennis Rounds: 6 & 8

Mike Lee VS Paul Gonsalves:

Total Score: 58-56, for Lee

Lee Rounds: 1, 2, 4 & 5
Gonsalves Rounds: 3 & 6

Anthony Karperis VS  Ariel Duran:
Total Score: 39-37, for Karperis.

Karperis Rounds: 1, 3 & 4
Duran Rounds: 2

Billy Dib VS Alberto Garza
Total Score: 96-93

Dib Rounds: 2-4, 7, 8 & 10
Alberto Garza:  1, 5 & 9
Even Rounds: 6


Yudel Jhonson VS Norberto Gonzalez
Total Score: 98-90, for Jhonson

Jhonson Rounds: 1, 2 & 4-9 (5 & 9 scored 10-8)
Gonzalez Rounds: 3 & 10


Amir Imam VS Yordenis Ugas
Total Score: 77-75, for Imam

Imam Rounds: 4-8
Ugas Rounds: 1-3

Willie Monroe Junior VS Brandon Adams
Total Score: 98-92

Monroe Rounds: 1, 2, 4-7, 9 & 10
Adams Rounds:  3 & 8


Willie Monroe Junior VS Vitaliy Kopylenko
Total Score: 79-73, for Monroe

Monroe Rounds: 1-4 & 6-8
Kopylenko Rounds: 5


Fernando Carcamo VS Miguel Angel Gonzalez
Total Score: 78-73, for Carcamo

Carcamo Rounds: 1 (10-8), 3-6 & 8
Gonzalez Rounds: 2 &7

"Do me a favour. Somebody grab that judge that had it a draw and, really, suspend his license. Suspend his license. Bring him into the office and find out what on Earth was going on in his mind when he was watching the fight. Because he was watching a different fight than we were."

He was talking about Judge Tocker Pudwill.


Kamil Laszczyk VS Daniel Diaz
Total Score: 79-72, for Laszczyk

Laszczyk Rounds: 1-3 & 5-10 (Round 1 scored 10-8 for a KD)
Diaz Rounds: 4

Roberto Garcia VS Norberto Gonzalez
Total Score: 96-93

Garcia Rounds: 3-6, 9 & 10
Gonzalez Rounds: 1, 2 & 7
Draw Rounds: 8

Wendy Toussaint VS Anthony Gangemi
Total score: 39-37, for Toussaint

Toussaint Rounds: 2-4
Gangemi: 1

Issouf Kinda VS Jeremy Bryan

Total score: 77-75, for Bryan

Bryan Rounds: 1, 2, 4, 7 & 8
Kinda Rounds: 3, 5 & 6

Chris Algieri VS Emmanuel Taylor

Total score: 97-93, for Algieri

Algieri Rounds: 1-3 & 7-10
Taylor Rounds: 4, 5 & 6


Dusty Hernandez Harrison VS Tim Witherspoon Junior
Total Score: 79-73, for Hernandez Harrison

Hernandez Harrison Rounds: 2-8
Witherspoon Junior Rounds: 1

(Hernandez Harrison did officially win by unanimous decision)

Luis Rosa VS Jorge Diaz:
Total Score: 78-72, for Rosa

Rosa Rounds: 2-5, 7 & 8
Diaz Rounds: 1 & 6

Blake Caparello VS Elvir Muriqi
Total Score: 99-91, for Caparello

Caparello Rounds: 1-4, 6-10
Muriqui Rounds:  5

Caleb Truax VS Ossie Duran

Total Score: 96-94, Caleb Truax

Truax Rounds: 1, 5 & 8-10
Duran Rounds: 2-4 & 6
Even Rounds: 7

Juan Antonio Rodriguez VS Yenifel Vicente
Total Score: 78-74, for Rodriguez

Rodriguez Rounds: 2-7
Vicente: 1 & 8

This page is dedicated to cataloging ESPN's long-time unofficial scorer's cards throughout the many years he has had the gig as a reference for anyone researching the matches or Atlas' scores in particular. Bookmark for future reference as I'll continue to add as many as I can.

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Boxing GIF Spotlight: Conan O'Brien Tempts Fate While Clowning Andrew Golota

While discussing Golota's then-recent DQ loss to Riddick Bowe on low blows and another incident involving biting an opponent's neck, Conan O'Brien asks Andrew if they threw their neck and...jock area at him. This was on Late Night with Conan O'Brien in 1996. Awkward and great.

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Mike Garcia VS Juan Carlos Burgos RBR/Live Update - Outcome

The fighters are in the ring.

Round 1:

Boy, does Burgos look big next to Garcia. He's flicking out jabs, trying to find his range on Mikey. Mikey is patiently letting him. Mikey lands the first good power shot, that sharp left hook. And again. Ward says he doesn't know if you can teah what Garcia does. He's talking about judging distance. Mikey is operating at a serious speed advantage from what I can tell. Those jabs and hooks are so sharp and quick. Slow round but Burgos was given something to think about. Gamboa is in the audience. Garcia round, no doubt.

Round 2:

Kellerman says he didn't really see anyone landing anything in round one. Odd. Garcia is really keeping Burgos outside of his zone with that sharp jab. Burgos lands a good right hand over the top. His first good power shot of the fight, I think. He lands another. Garcia still blocking most. Neither guy is giving any foolish shots to the other. No freebies. Garcia stunned on a counter left hook as he was stepping in with an aggressive right! Burgos round.

Round: 3:

Garcia's corner tells him he knows how to bring the pressure and to stay more active. Big right by Garcia buckles Burgos now! Burgos holds like a pro.  Burgos doing a probing jab, jab, jab, jab, jab, jab but can't find any place for a right or touch Garcia. Garcia's corner talks about pressure but he doesn't seem to want to do that. He wants to counter and he doesn't get all that much clear with Burgos' length and jab. Still a Garcia round for me, clearly having buckled Burgos. Little landing.

Round 4:

Weisfeld has Garcia up a round after three. Kellerman agrees with the score card. This is a very good outside fight. It's tactical and tense. A sense of danger from both guys but a chess game going on. Excellent left hook, straight right combo by Garcia. More probing jabs in the air by Burgos. Garcia round but Burgos' length and jab still keeping Garcia from doing what he does best in countering. Garcia round.

Round 5:

In the corner Robert Garcia tells Mikey Garcia that Burgos still has that strong left hook that he throws long and wide, and to watch out for it. Beautiful straight right lands for Mikey. Burgos lands some combinations to Garcia's gloves. Garcia starting to outmaneuver Burgos. Despite Burgos coming off so awkward so often, he is not a bad mover himself. Garcia round but very little landing here.

Round 6:

Weisfeld has Garcia well in the lead now. Garcia working that lead hand so well now, the jab and lead hook, so stiff. Garcia stalking, then jumping back when Burgos steps in, again and again. They both are very away of the other's power. Garcia round. Kovalev shown in between rounds. He's at a lot of these matches. He likes being seen when that camera comes on.

Round 7:

Burgos just can't seem to get his best on Garcia, round after round now. Still more probing with his jab in the air. He doesn't know what to do really. Garcia looks to have a lot of urgency, a lot of tense energy, but he's tempering it. I think he really wants to get a knockout but his better judgment is to still be careful. Garcia gets in several one-two's but Burgos is landing a bit as well, with Garcia getting more aggressive. Obvious Garcia round still.

Round 8:

WIDE left hook to the body from Burgos. Ref warns to keep them up. Burgos lands over top, Garcia answers harder and immediately. Mikey looking to feint Burgos a bit but decides not to follow up. He's still outmaneuvering Burgos, outpunching him and outmatching him overall. Burgos misses a combination by A MILE. Another hard one-two by Garcia. Ward talks about Garcia being relaxed. I have been thinking that he looks edgy. Here's to different view points! Garcia round, clear.

Round 9:

Burgos slings his left arm around Mikey and Garcia gets nasty trying to lay into him. He is really not having any of Burgos having success with anything, even holding. Big one-two for Garcia. Burgos looks whipped. Another, stalking ,stalking, stalking. Burgos is wearing out but using good footwork to get away. Garcia round by as clear a margin as you will get. Burgos doesn't seem to have much left.

Round 10:

The ringside doctor looks interested in Burgos. Not a good sign as we get into the late rounds here. Garcia has such a hammering jab, it's very impressive, even kept in a long fight with a longer man. Hard left hook to be body by Garcia. Garcia lands a lead left uppercut. Burgos is still moving all over the place. Neither guy seems to be fighting the fight they're best at but Garcia is a hell of a lot more effective with his switch. He gets Burgos in the corner and more measured, careful, hard power shots come down on him. Another hard one-two by Garcia. The crowd gets excited as he sustains the attack a bit. Burgos is in deep, losing the round big again.

Round 11:

They trade hard rights. Garcia blistering Burgos with hard rights again. I sense if he hooked more around Burgos' gaurd as he just did we'd have a knockout by now. A hard right to the body by Garcia. A hard left hook. Burgos fires a good one-two and follows up with some keep-off-me jabs. Another hard right by Garcia. Some audience members are booing. Stupidly. Garcia round again. But Burgos had some moments. He's not given up. But he looks to be hurting.

Round 12:

Burgos' corner asks him what is wrong. He's getting punched by a puncher. Easy answer. Good right around the gaurd that I wanted. Burgos is coming forward a bit now. He's not sharp enough to be effective with it though. Another hard one-two by Garcia. Good left hooks by Garcia. Not huge but solid. Burgos is trying but it's just not happening for him. Garcia's seeing it well ahead. Another Garcia round and Burgos stays on his feet. Rough night for him.

Weisfeld has only one round to Burgos. Which is fair enough.

Wide official UD in the books for Garcia, as expected. Another tasteful, tempered, strong performance for Mike Garcia.

HBO's Bryant Jennings VS Artur Szpilka RBR/Live Update - Outcome Achieved

Round 1:

Jennings comes out using his long, long reach to keep Szpilka at bay. AS is the aggressor early. Jennings gets Szpilka on the ropes once but Szpilka had the round.

Round 2:

A lot of pawing with the lead hand by both men. Jennings seems like he may have briefly stunned Szpilka as Szpilka is knocked back to the ropes. Jennings is starting to land power shots much more frequently. Szpilka puts a few serious body shots into the bank. Jennings landed a leaping left hook. They start to clown each other a little bit toward the bell at the end of the round. GOOD round. Looks another Jennings round to me.

Round 3:

 The ref makes Jennings' corner wipe off an excess of presumably Vaseline before they start the action again. Steve Weisfeld has it even so far. He is the unofficial scorer for the night, not Harold Lederman. Szpilka still good at slipping in those sneaky body shot uppercuts, almost a Bute-type body shot-left uppercut. Szpilka's experience might be starting to take over a bit here. Jennings seems to sense the change in momentum and let his hands go more. Jennings always has a good sense of losing a round. They're both moving quite a bit through three rounds. Szpilka round, I feel.

Round 4:

Szpilka is getting a rhythm going now. Jennings tries to trap Szpilka on the ropes but can't do it. Jennings is looking a little bit lost right now to me. Szpilka looks quite comfortable. Szpilka round, for me.

Round 5:

Weisfeld has it even through four, as do I. Szpilka's movement is making it hard for Jennings here. He isn't getting pinned down like some of Bryant's opponents when he tries to assault them on the ropes. Jennings is risking himself by coming in more forcefully with power shots. He lands a very hard left hook. Jennings is doing a lot of stalking, it's very interesting. Szpilka wants to fight off the back foot and he's good at it. Very good round with both scoring serious shots. I edge it to Szpilka, but very close.

Round 6:

Szpilka takes a few punches on the ropes trying to clown Jennings. Very strange performance from Szpilka. He gets clocked again in the corner, looking like he deliberately let his hands down. Jennings gets AS on the romes again for a few body shots, tags him hard with a right as they come off. Szpilka seems to be slowing down. AS drops his hands again. Szpilka down on a body shot! Thirty second to go! AS backs up, lands a hard counter, Jennings trying to capitalise but they tie up. Jennings goes after Szpilka who tries to keep his hands down still. WHY?! 10-8 round for By-By!

Round 7:

Jennings STORMS out for this round. AS ready to fight back but Jennings, as Andre Ward points out, seems to smell blood big time. Things slow down again. Jennings might realise that Szpilka isn't as vulnerable as he seemed and doesn't want to blow his load, so to speak. Szpilka landing with Jennings but he's no longer comfortable or in a rythm at all, I don't think. I think AS landed a pretty low blow with about a minute left. Jennings didn't react to it.  He's got AS on the ropes again. They are landing some serious leather on each other toward the end of the round. It's not a brawl exactly but they're teeing off. Szpilka lands a big straight left that knocks Jennings back to the ropes a bit, right at the end of the round. Still a Jennings round for me.

Round 8:

Jennings corner tells him he's got to be a work horse. Andre Ward says the "break down process is taking place" for Jennings. They're both firing in combination but AS looks tired. AS lets himself lean back on the ropes again and Jennings takes advantage. Szpilka again with his back to the ropes, hands dropped, trying to use his hand movement. Not smart so far. Jennings loves it when he gets a guy on the ropes. There's just so much of Szpilka dropping his hands, it's very puzzling. He's throwing though. He's throwing some big shots but Jennings takes the round again. It's away from Szpilka at this point. He needs to hurt Jennings and do it soon.

Round 9:

Nine of ten, Weisfeld has it 78-73 for Jennings. Szpilka seems to fire those straight lefts so far away that Jennings has all the time in the world to lean back with his earmuffs on and block him. Szpilka eats those straights whenever Jennings wants to step in with a lead. Szpilka fiting on Jennings gloves a lot. Jennings knocks sweat off of AS's head and the crowd reacts. They trade hard at the end of the round. Szpilka, again, dropping his hands, trying to move his head out of the way, eating some punches. Jennings round.

Round 10:

Jenkins tells Jennings in the corner they'll steal it if he doesn't stop Szpilka. Hard to believe but we've seen some awful ones. Maybe he's right to say that. Maybe not. AS starts landing some big combos at the beginning of the round. I think it's too little too late but it's hard telling in this sport. Szpilka having an excellent round through the first minute and thirty. BAM! Jennings puts Szpilka down on a big left hook just as Szpilka was trying to take it. Jennings starts knocking him around and the ref waves it off! Jennings by knockout! He doesn't let judges in! Bryant Jennings, in the final stanza gets a TKO! VERY good performance. Szpilka is ended on his feet. I don't know if that was a great stoppage or a better case for not phasing out a standing 8 but he was getting hurt, no doubt about it.

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Seahawks Dominate Boxing On ESPN: Referee Bobby Howard & Audience Have Their Priorities!

In an amusing aside to the boxing news this Friday night on ESPN, in Little Creek Casino Resort, Shelton, Washington, USA, the Seattle Seahawks were more on the minds of the crowd than the boxing! Former major world titlist Rico Ramos was fighting and the audience only had eyes for American football. The referee helped. Bobby Howard gave his pre-fight referee spiel with the added flare: "You talk about honour, fight that way. Shake 'em up and get it on. Go hawks." and a big cheer erupts from the audience. This amuses and animates Joe Tessitore. Teddy Atlas seems to write it off as an attention hound moment, unimpressed. The announcer behind Howard had a very large smile on his face. During the fight, the audience's enthusiasm did not die down as they chanted "Sea-hawks! Sea-hawks! Sea-hawks!" to the California native fighters in the ring.

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Boxing's Ring Walk/Entrance Music List - What Songs They Walk Out To

A list of what fighters have had played for them in their walk to the ring + an official videos list embedded into the page:

In alphabetical order, by surname:


Abregu, Luis Carlos:

VS Sadam Ali (2014) - The Final Countdown, by Europe

Algieri, Chris:

VS Amir Khan (2015) - N.Y. State of Mind, by Nas
VS Ruslan Provodnikov (2014) - Don't Sweat the Technique, by Eric B. & Rakim
VS Manny Pacquiao (2014) - Don't Sweat the Technique, by Eric B. & Rakim

Abell, Joey:

VS Tyson Fury (2014) - Thunderstruck, by AC/DC


Bute. Lucian:

VS Jean Pascal (2014) - Where The Streets Have No Name, by U2

Bellew, Tony:
VS Adonis Stevenson (2013) - Theme from Z-Cars, by John Keating


Chisora, Dereck:

VS Vitali Klitschko (2012) - Mama Said Knock You Out, by LL Cool J

Cleverly, Nathan:

VS Sergey Kovalev (2013) - Kernkraft 400, by Zombie Nation

Cloud, Tavoris: 

VS Artur Beterbiev (2014) - Thunderstruck, by AC/DC

Cotto, Miguel

VS Daniel Geale (2015) - Cotto had no entrance music for this match
VS Sergio Martinez (2014) - Cotto had no entrance for this match
VS Oktay Urkal (2007) - Cotto had no entrance music for this match


DeGale, James:

VS Andre Dirrell (2015) - Right Above It, by Lil' Wayne, featuring Drake

De La Hoya, Oscar:

VS Felix Trinidad (1999) - Bailamos/We Dance, by Enrique Iglesias
VS Julio Cesar Chavez II (1998) - The Cup of Life/La copa de la vida, by Ricky Martin

De La Rosa, Luis:

VS Zou Shiming (2014) - Stronger, by Kanye West



Fury, Tyson:

VS Joey Abell (2014) - Wonderwall, by Oasis


Golota, Andrew:

VS Danell Nicholson (1996) - The Polish National Anthem, performed by ???

Gennady Golovkin:

VS Willie Monroe Junior (2015) - Seven Nation Army, by The White Stripes
VS Martin Murray (2015) - Seven Nation Army, by The White Stripes
VS Marco Antonio Rubio (2014) - Seven Nation Army, by The White Stripes
VS Daniel Geale (2014) - Seven Nation Army, by The White Stripes
VS Curtis Stevens (2013) - Seven Nation Army, by The White Stripes
VS Matthew Macklin (2013) - Seven Nation Army, by The White Stripes
VS Curtis Stevens (2013) - Seven Nation Army, by The White Stripes
VS Mikhail Makarov (2009) -  Seven Nation Army, by The White Stripes


Hamed, Naseem:

VS Wayne McCullough (1998) - Michael Jackson's Thriller

Harris, Vivian:

VS Victor Ortiz (2010) - Not Afraid, by Eminem

Harrison, Dusty Hernandez

VS Tommy Rainone (2015) - 10 2 10, by Big Sean

Haye, David:

VS Dereck Chisora (2012) - Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now, by McFadden & Whitehead

Hearns, Thomas: 

VS Marvin Hagler (1985) - The Victors,  the fight song of the University of Michigan



Jennings, Bryant:

VS Wladimir Klitschko (2015) - Glory, by John Legend & Common

Johnson, Kirk:

VS Vitali Klitschko (2003) - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, by Michael Jackson

Johnson, Tureano: 

VS Alex Theran (2015) - Run This Town, by Jay Z, featuring Rihanna and Kanye West

Judah, Zab:

VS Kostya Tszyu (2001) -  Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor


Khan, Amir:

VS Chris Algieri (2015) - The Man, by Aloe Blacc

Klitschko, Wladimir

VS Bryant Jennings (2015) - Can't Stop, by Red Hot Chili Peppers
VS Alex Leapai (2014) - Can't Stop, by Red Hot Chili Peppers
VS Alexander Povetkin (2013) - Can't Stop, by Red Hot Chili Peppers
VS Francesco Pianeta (2013) - Can't Stop, by Red Hot Chili Peppers
VS Mariusz Wach (2012) - Can't Stop, by Red Hot Chili Peppers
VS David Haye (2011) - Can't Stop, by Red Hot Chili Peppers
VS Eddie Chambers (2010) - Can't Stop, by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Klitschko, Vitali:

VS Dereck Chisora (2012) - Hells Bells, by AC/DC
VS Odlanier Solis (2011) - Hells Bells, by AC/DC
VS Chris Arreola (2009) - Hells Bells, by AC/DC
VS Kirk Johnson (2003) - The Best/Simply The Best, by Tina Turner

Kovalev, Sergey:

VS Bernard Hopkins (2014) Vechno Molodoy (English translation, Forever Young?), by Smyslovye Gallyutsinatsii (English translation, Semantic hallucinations?)

VS Blake Caparello (2014) Vechno Molodoy (English translation, Forever Young?), by Smyslovye Gallyutsinatsii (English translation, Semantic hallucinations?)

VS Nathan Cleverly (2013) Vechno Molodoy (English translation, Forever Young?), by Smyslovye Gallyutsinatsii (English translation, Semantic hallucinations?)

VS Lionell Thompson (2012) Vechno Molodoy (English translation, Forever Young?), by Smyslovye Gallyutsinatsii (English translation, Semantic hallucinations?)


Lo Greco, Phil:

VS Errol Spence Junior (2015) - Lose Yourself, by Eminem


McCullough, Wayne:

VS Erik Morales (1999) -  I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, by U2

Mitchell, Sharmba:

VS Kostya Tszyu (2004) - The Payback, by James Brown


Nicholson, Danell:

VS Andrew Golota (1996) - Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now, by McFadden & Whitehead



Pacquiao, Manny:

VS Chris Algeri (2014) - Thunderstruck, by AC/DC, followed by We Will Rock You, by Queen
VS Oscar Larios (2006) - Gonna Fly Now, by DeEtta Little and Nelson Pigford
VS Agapito Sanchez (2001) - Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor

Perez, Mike: 

VS Alexander Povetkin (2015) - Here I Go Again, by Whitesnake

Povetkin, Alexander: 

VS Mike Perez (2015): - Rus/Русь, by Nikolay Emelin (no current Wikipedia page on either)

Jean Pascal:

VS Lucian Bute (2014) - Roy Jones Junior's Ya'll Must've Forgot

Perez, Mike:

VS: Carlos Takam (2014) -  I'm Shipping Up To Boston, by Dropkick Murphys

Postol, Viktor:

VS: Selcuk Aydin (2014) - The Best, by Tina Turner
VS: Lucas Matthysse (2015) - The Best, by Tina Turner

Pirog, Dmitry:

VS Danny Jacobs (2010) - Paranoid, by Black Sabbath

Provodnikov, Ruslan:

VS: Mike Alvarado (2013) - Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor

Pulev, Kubrat:

VS: Joey Abell (2013) - Thunderstruck, by AC/DC



Rainone, Tommy:

VS Dusty Hernandez Harrison (2015) - Power, by Kanye West

Ruenroeng, Amnat:

VS Zou Shiming (2015) -  Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor


Spence, Errol: 

Errol did have aired entrance music in 2015 against Phil Lo Greco, but I couldn't identify it. If you can, please drop us a comment in the comments section. Thanks.


Talipeau, Junior:

VS Gilberto Ramirez (2014) - Guerrilla Radio, by Rage Against the Machine (?)

Theran, Alex: 

VS Tureano Johnson (2015) - SomewhereInAmerica, by Jay Z

Tszyu, Kostya: 

VS Zab Judah (2001) Something Worth Fighting For, by Larisa Dolina, live and in the ring

VS Sharmba Mitchell II (2004) Something Worth Fighting For, by Larisa Dolina, live and in the ring



Visinia, Natu:

VS Steve Cunningham (2014) - A Change Is Gonna Come, by Sam Cooke


Ward, Andre

VS Paul Smith (2015) - ???, by Da' T.R.U.T.H.




Official videos in chronological order:



Bailamos/We Dance, by Enrique Iglesias, through VEVO:



Don't Sweat The Technique, by Eric B. & Rakim, from VEVO:








Kernkraft 400, by Zombie Nation, FROM EPMmusicVideos:



Mama Said Knock You Out - LL Cool J:


N.Y. State of mind, by Nas, Live Version available by VEVO:






Stronger, by Kanye West, from VEVO:


The Final Countdown, by Europe, from VEVO:

Theme from Z-Cars, by John Keating:

Thunderstruck, by AC/DC, from VEVO:




Where The Streets Have No Name, by U2, from VEVO:




Identified one that's not on the list? Comment and if I can find it and verify it, I'll add it to the list. I'm woeful at identifying rap or metal, so if you want those listed, you really need to let me know what I'm looking for! Corrections? Have we got something wrong? Comment and let us know.

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Fight Night Boxing Weights: A List Of Unofficial Weigh-in Weights After Rehydration

The following is a resource page for all the publicly issued "rehydration" weights of the sub-heavyweight boxing divisions. Please, bookmark for future reference. I will be updating this page with regularity. I also urge all channels broadcasting boxing to do this as HBO tends to do, when they can. It is a matter of great interest amongst boxing's most hardcore fan base and one of the things HBO gets very right. The official weigh-ins are only to ensure that boxers make their requirements for maximum weight, as opposed to actually telling what their weights are when they enter the ring. Because there can be such drastic differences in such a short period of time, this is very, very relevant to the perception of the matches, both before and after. Fans see two guys weighing in at 139 and 140 pounds, then they come in the next day, dehydrated and rehydrated, and they're 144 and 151, but you'll never know to look at their page, at this time.

*Please note, all weights are listed in pounds.

*For a list of tales of the tapes which did NOT feature their unofficial weights, please visit this list:

*Most of these come from HBO's broadcasts, with several newer listings from Showtime, as I've never seen them done for ESPN, FS1 or NBC Sports matches. Let's hope they follow suit.

*We are updating to include names hyperlinked to the fighters' Boxrec pages and showing their official weights on the left and rehydration weights on the right. Thanks for referencing our page, and to anyone who links to us. We hope we are useful to you and thank you if you are helpful to us or even interested enough in the sport to stop by.



Viktor Postol VS Lucas Matthysse - Contested at Light Welterweight

Postol: Official: 139.5 - Unofficial: 148
Matthysse: Official: 139.5 - Unofficial: 151

Humberto Soto VS Antonio Orozco - Contested at Light Welterweight: I don't know what the specifics of this billed Light Welterweight/140-pound bout were but Soto weighed in right on the limit and Orozco weighed in within a pound. This was also slightly fuzzy as HBO's TOTT had Orozco weighing 140.5 and Boxrec had him listed at 140.75.

Soto: Official: 140 - Unofficial: 154
Orozco: Official: 140.5 - Unofficial: 154


Sergey Kovalev VS Nadjib Mohammedi - Contested at Light Heavyweight

Kovalev: Official: 174.5 - Unofficial: 183.5
Mohammedi: Official: 173 - Unofficial: 180.5

Jean Pascal VS Yunieski Gonzalez - Contested at Cruiserweight, but both considered to be campaigning at light heavyweight but it's my understanding that there was a catch-weight agreement for 178 pounds.

Pascal: Official: 178 - Unofficial: 188
Gonzalez: Official: 177.5 - Unofficial: 189

Source for catch-weight agreement: ProBoxing Fans


Oscar Valdez VS Ruben Tamayo - Contested at Super Featherweight
Oscar Valdez: Official: 127.5 - Unofficial: 135.5
Ruben Tamayo: Official: 128 - Unofficial: 138

Miguel Cotto VS Daniel Geale - Contested at the Middleweight class, but limited to a catch-weight of 158 pounds, as requested by Miguel Cotto's camp.

Cotto: Official: 153.6 - Unofficial: HBO could not get Cotto's weight, which is normal for Cotto.
Geale: Official: 157 - Unofficial: 182 - This is a noteworthy gain and Jim Lampley made special note that it was with Geale's street clothes on, but obviously still massive.  Lampley guesses it's more like 175 in boxing gear but that seems a little low for the difference, to me.
Errol Spence Junior VS Phil Lo Greco - Contested technically at Light Middleweight. Spence is assumed to be a welterweight prospect though often fights just above the limit. Lo Greco is thought to be a Light Middleweight fighter, but was called on short notice (3 days). This was a PBC broadcast TOTT.

Spence: Official: 149 - Unofficial: 162
Lo Greco: Official: 152 - Unofficial: 164

Terrell Gausha VS Luis Grajeda - Contested at Light Middleweight: While Gausha came in technically at light middleweight, Grajeda was technically two pounds into the middleweight range, and is listed as a middleweight fighter.
(PBC on NBC Broadcast)
Gausha: Official: 154 - Unofficial: 169
Grajeda: Official: 156 - Unofficial: 167
Alfredo Angulo VS Delray Raines - Contested at (unknown agreement on the limit, Raines coming in at the Middleweight limit, Angulo coming in a few pounds over it)
(PBC card, NBC+NBC Sports split broadcast)

Angulo: Official: 162.2 - Unofficial: 176.4
Raines: Official: 160 - Unofficial: 172.8 

Robert Guerrero VS Aaron Martinez - Contested at Welterweight
(TOTT from PBC, on NBC)

Guerrero Official: 145.6 - Unofficial: 156

Martinez: Official: 146.6 - Unofficial: 159.8


Roman Gonzalez VS Edgar Sosa - Contested at Flyweight

Gonzalez: Official: 111 - Unofficial: 124
Sosa: Official: 112 - Unofficial: 125

*Jim Lampley was quoted as saying Sosa needed another half an hour to make the weight. 

Gennady Golovkin VS Willie Monroe Junior - Contested at Middleweight

Golovkin: Official: 159 - Unofficial: 170
Monroe Junior: Official: 160 - Unofficial: 172

Antonio Orozco VS Emmanuel Taylor - Contested at Welterweight (though both presumed light welterweight fighters)
(TruTV Broadcast Card)

Orozco: Official: 141 - Unofficial: 148
Taylor: Official: 141 - Unofficial: 150

Jose Benavidez Junior VS Jorge Paez Junior - Contested at Light Welterweight
(TruTV Broadcast Card)

Benavidez: Official: 139 - Unofficial:  153

Paez: Official 140 - Unofficial: 150

Commentators made mention that Paez had difficulty making weight, though it was Benavidez that ended up heavier.

Konstantin Ponomarev VS Mikael Zewski - Contested at Welterweight
(TruTV Broadcast, to be added shortly)


Sadam Ali VS Francisco Santana - Contested at Welterweight

Ali: Official: 146.75 - Unofficial: 153
Santana: Official: 146.5 - Unofficial: 167

Danny Garcia VS Lamont Peters - Contested at Welterweight, with a catch-weight limit imposed, 143 pounds, although BOTH fighters were holding major Light Welterweight titles, neither of which could be on the line, unfortunately. While Peterson held a major title at 140/Light Welterweight, Garcia was regarded to be the lineal champion of the division. The rehydration weights were said by commentator Kenny Rice to be "with clothes" so I am assuming this means in full street clothes, as opposed to how they'd be walking to the ring, shirtless, in trunks, etc.
(PBC Broadcast)

Garicia: Official: 142.25 - Unofficial: 157
Peterson: Official: 143 - Unofficial: 165


Sergey Kovalev VS Jean Pascal - Contested at Light Heavyweight

Kovalev: Official: 174.25 - Unofficial: 189

Pascal: Official: 175 - Unofficial: 185

Isaac Chilemba VS Vasily Lepikhin - Contested at Light Heavyweight

Chilemba: Official: 175 - Unofficial: 185
Lepikhin: Official: 175 - Unofficial: 182

Adrien Broner VS John Molina - This bout was meant to be at a limit between the light welterweight maximum of 140 and a special +1 rule bleeding into the welterweight class, by contract. 

Broner: Official: 141 - Unofficial: 157
Molina: Official: 140 - Unofficial: 154

Keith Thurman VS Robert Guerrero - Contested at Welterweight

Thurman: Official: 147 - Unofficial: 162
Guerrero:  Official: 147 - Unofficial: 152 was listed on the TOTT, but Marv Albert announced the number as 157


Amir Imam VS Fidel Maldonado Junior - Contested at Light Welterweight

Imam: Official: 140 - Unofficial: 152
Maldonado: Official: 139 - Unofficial: 153

Brandon Rios VS Mike Alvarado - Contested at Welterweight

Rios: 163
Alvarado:  161

Gilberto Ramirez VS Maxim Vlasov - Contested at Light Heavyweight, with a catch-weight limit of 171 pounds agreed upon.

Ramirez: 170.5 - 182
Vlasov: 170 - 179



Jermall Charlo VS Lenny Bottai - Contested at Light Middleweight

Charlo: 170
Bottai: 160

Erislandy Lara VS Ishe Smith - Contested at Light Middleweight

Lara: 170.5
Smith: ?

Badou Jack VS Francisco Sierra - Contested at Light Heavyweight

Jack: 183
Sierra: 200

Andy Lee VS Matt Korobov - Contested at Middleweight

Lee: 167.5

Korobov: 174

Timothy Bradley VS Diego Chaves - Contested at Welterweight

Bradley: 156
Chaves: 154

Jose Benavidez Junior VS Mauricio Herrera - Contested at Light Welterweight

Herrera: Official: 139.5 - Unofficial: 154
Benavidez: Official: 138.5 - Unofficial: 150


Evgeny Gradovich VS Jayson Velez - Contested at Featherweight

Gradovich: 140
Velez: 137

Terence Crawford VS Raymundo Beltran - Contested at Lightweight

Crawford: 153
Beltran: 147

Manny Pacquiao VS Chris Algieri - Contested at Welterweight, with a 144-pound catch-weight
(Chris Algieri, though he was the fighter moving up in weight from his last contest, and a licensed nutritionist, was forced to take some clothes off and try again, then come back in about a half an hour for another trip, and made the weight)

Pacquiao: 149
Algieri: 155

Sergey Kovalev VS Bernard Hopkins - Contested at Light Heavyweight

Kovalev: 188
Hopkins: 182 

Sadam Ali VS Luis Carlos Abregu - Contested at Welterweight

Ali: 150
Abregu: 160

Gennady Golovkin VS Marco Antonio Rubio - Contested at Middleweight, with Rubio failing to make weight and accepting a purse cut to stay at 161.75 (to be 100% precise, Jim Lampley says 161.8), even stripped completely naked at the weigh-in.

Golovkin: 173
Rubio: 181

Nicholas Walters VS Nonito Donaire - Contested at Featherweight

Donaire: 133
Walters 138


Sergey Kovalev VS Blake Caparello - Contested at Light Heavyweight

Kovalev: 185
Caparello: 185

Jessie Vargas VS Anton Novikov - Contested at Light Welterweight

Vargas: 148
Novikov: 157

Brandon Rios VS Diego Gabriel Chaves - Contested at Welterweight (Chaves weighed one pound over the limit)

Rios: 159
Chaves: 156


Vasyl Lomachenko VS Gary Russell Junior - Contested at Featherweight

Lomachenko: 138
Russell: 138.5

Terence Crawford VS Yuriorkis Gamboa - Contested at Lightweight

Crawford: 152
Gamboa: 145

Matvey Korobov VS Jose Uzcategui - Contested at Middleweight

Korobov: 173
Uzcategui: 175


Juan Manuel Marquez VS Mike Alvarado (Contested at Welterweight (147), with a catch weight limit of 143, Alvarado coming in a hair over and the Marquez camp not bothering to hold it against him

Marquez: 148
Alvarado: 152

Viktor Postol VS Selcuk Aydin - Contested at Light Welterweight limit (140)

Postol: 148
Aydin: 148


Manny Pacquiao VS Timothy Bradley (rematch) - Contested at Welterweight

Pacquiao:  151
Bradley: 152


Orlando Salido VS Vasyl Lomachenko - This was scheduled for Featherweight with Salido failing to make weight and weighing 128.25 - Lomachenko made the Featherweight limit. So, in essence it was contested at Featherweight for Lomachenko and Super Featherweight for Salido.

Salido: 147
Lomachenko: 136

Sergey Kovalev VS Cedric Agnew - Contested at Light Heavyweight

Kovalev: 183
Agnew: 187


Jean Pascal VS Lucian Bute - Contested at Light Heavyweight

Pascal: 185
Bute: 184

Source: During the HBO broadcast's tale of the tape



Matthew Macklin VS Lamar Russ - Contested at Middleweight 

Macklin: 172
Russ: 168

Ricardo Alvarez VS Rod Salka - Contested at Light Welterweight, with Alvarez weighing a half pound over the limit

Alvarez: 155.5
Salka: 146.5

James Kirkland VS Glen Tapia - Contested at Middleweight, despite both being ranked as Light Middleweights and only slightly going above weight, the ultimate contracts allowed a 156-pound limit, just inside the Middleweight division.

Kirkland: 168
Tapia: 165


Manny Pacquiao VS Brandon Rios - Contested at Welterweight

Pacquiao: 150
Rios: 159

Demetrius Andrade VS Vanes Martirosyan - Contested at Light Middleweight

Andrade: 166
Martirosyan: 164

Nonito Donaire VS Vic Darchinyan II - Contested at Featherweight

Donaire: 131
Darchinyan: 133

Adonis Stevenson VS Tony Bellew - Contested at Light Heavyweight

Stevenson: 189
Bellew: 190

Miguel Angel Garcia/Mikey Garcia VS Roman Martinez/Rocky Martinez - Contested at Super Featherweight

Garcia: 142
Martinez: 139

Sergey Kovalev VS Ismayl Sillakh - Contested at Light Heavyweight

Kovalev: 181
Sillakh: 185


Timothy Bradley VS Juan Manuel Marquez - Contested at Welterweight

Bradley: 154
Marquez: 150 

Ruslan Provodnikov VS Mike Alvarado - Contested at Light Welterweight

Provodnikov: 148
Alvarado: 157

Peter Quillin VS Gabriel Rosado - Contested at Middleweight 

Quillin: 170 
Rosado: 175

Terence Crawford VS Andrey Klimov - Contested at Lightweight

Crawford: 149
Klimov: 140


Gennady Golovkin VS Matthew Macklin - Contested at Middleweight

Golovkin: 170
Macklin: 170

Yuriorkis Gamboa VS Darleys Perez - Contested at Lightweight

Gamboa:  144
Perez: 143

Erislandy Lara VS Alfredo Angulo - Contested at Light Middleweight

Lara: 164
Angulo:  174

Marcos Rene Maidana VS Josesito Lopez - Contested at Welterweight

Maidana: 156.5
Lopez: 158.75


Keith Thurman VS Diego Chaves - Contested at Welterweight

Thurman: 156
 Chaves: 157.75


Abner Mares VS Daniel Ponce De Leon - Contested at Featherweight

Mares: 126 - 133
Ponce De Leon: 126 - 137.5

Lucas Matthysse VS Lamont Peterson - Contested at Welterweight, with a catch weight merely one pound above the Light Welterweight limit

Matthysse: 150
Peterson: 149

Luis Arias VS DonYil Livingston - Contested at Super Middleweight 

Arias: 180.75
Livingston: 178.5

Badou Jack VS Michael Gbenga - Contested at Light Heavyweight (range)

Jack: 178.5
Gbenga: 182.75


Terrell Gausha VS William Waters - Contested at Super Middleweight
*I believe this fight, though in the Super Middleweight class was meant to be at a catch weight of 164 pounds, instead of 168.

Gausha: 184 (Gausha rehydrated 20 pounds)
Waters: 172.5


Terence Crawford VS Breidis Prescott - Contested at Light Welterweight

Crawford: 150
Prescott: 157


Lucas Matthysse VS Mike Dallas Junior - Contested at Light Welterweight

Matthysse: 163.5 ***Lucas implies this is Showtime error, ten pounds up, and he was really 153 pounds in interview with Tha Boxing Voice. This would be consistent with his other weigh-ins. He implied only a comfort in making weight.***

Dallas Junior: 151.5



Keith Thurman VS Carlos Quintana - Contested at Light Middleweight with a 152-pound catch-weight limit

Thurman: 160
Quintana: 165


Guillermo Rigondeaux VS Robert Marroquin - Contested at Super Bantamweight (122)

Rigondeaux: 122 - 128
Marroquin: 122 - 134


Brandon Rios VS Mike Alvarado - Contested at Light Welterweight

Rios: 149
Alvarado: 152

Nonito Donaire VS Jorge Arce - Contested at Super Bantamweight

Donaire: 129
Arce: 135
Also sourced to ESPN: Donaire blasts Arce into retirement


Andre Ward VS Chad Dawson - Contested at Super Middleweight

Ward: 176
Dawson: 185

Source: During the HBO broadcast's tale of the tape

Antonio DeMarco VS John Molina Junior - Contested at Lightweight

DeMarco: 141
Molina: 148

Gennady Golovkin VS Gregorz Proksa - Contested at Middleweight

Golovkin: 168
Proksa: 166


Nonito Donaire VS Jeffrey Mathebula - Contested at Super Bantamweight

Donaire: 132
Mathebula: 136

Danny Garcia VS Amir Khan - Contested at Light Welterweight

Khan: 148
Garcia: 150


Timothy Bradley VS Manny Pacquiao I - Contested at Welterweight

Bradley: 147
Pacquiao: 150

Randall Bailey VS Mike Jones - Contested at Welterweight

Bailey: 155
Jones: 154


Saul Alvarez VS Shane Mosley - Contested at Light Middleweight

Alvarez: 167
Mosley: 164


Danny Garcia VS Erik Morales I - Scheduled for Light Welterweight, Danny Garcia makes weight at 139.5 and fights for a title there, while Morales weighs in at 142, vacating that same title. Effectively, it's contested as a Light Welterweight VS a Welterweight.

Garcia: 152
Morales: 155



James Kirkland VS Alfredo Angulo - Contested at Light Middleweight

Kirkland: ???
Angulo: 163

Angulo's weight was released by HBO commentator Jim Lampley, however, not Kirkland's. Jim said:

"Alfredo Angulo unofficially weighs 163 tonight and the people in Kirkland's camp would not let us know what is his unofficial weight."


Sergio Martinez VS Darren Barker - Contested at Middleweight

Martinez: 165
Barker: 168


Floyd Mayweather Junior VS Victor Ortiz - Contested at Welterweight
Mayweather: 150
Ortiz: 164

Yuriorkis Gamboa VS Daniel Ponce De Leon - Contested at Super Featherweight (both were ranked Featherweights, weighing in a pound over the weight limit, officially)

Gamboa: 138
Ponce De Leon: 137

Erik Morales VS Pablo Cesar Cano - Contested at Light Welterweight

Morales: 150
Cano: 151

Andre Berto VS Jan Zaveck - Contested at Welterweight

Berto: 160
Zaveck:  159


Amir Khan VS Zab Judah - Contested at Light Welterweight

Khan: 151
Judah: 150


Julio Cesar Chavez Junior VS Sebastian Zbik - Contested at Middleweight 

Chavez: 180
Zbik: 165

Devon Aleander VS Lucas Matthysse - Contested at Light Welterweight

Alexander: 151
Matthysse: 153


Chad Dawson VS Adrian Diaconu - Contested at Light Heavyweight

Dawson: 187
Diaconu: 186
Bernard Hopkins VS Jean Pascal II (rematch) - Contested at Light Heavyweight

Hopkins: 186
Pascal:    186


Robert Guerrero VS Michael Katsidis - Contested at Lightweight

Guerrero: 146
Katsidis: 145


Adrien Broner VS Daniel Ponce De Leon - Contested at Super Featherweight

Broner: 144
Ponce De Leon: 136

Saul Alvarez VS Matthew Hatton - Contested at Light Middleweight

Alvarez: 165
Hatton:  157


Nonito Donaire VS Fernando Montiel - Contested at Bantamweight

Donaire: 126
Montiel:  134


Timothy Bradley VS Devon Alexander - Contested at Light Welterweight

Bradley: 148
Alexander: 152



Amir Khan VS Marcos Rene Maidana - Contested at Light Welterweight

Khan: 149
Maidana: 149


Guillermo Rigondeaux VS Ricardo Cordoba - Contested at Super Bantamweight

Rigondeaux: 124
Cordoba: 133

Robert Guerrero VS Vicente Escobedo - Contested at Lightweight
Guerrero: 142
Escobedo: 143

Juan Manuel Marquez VS Michael Katsidis - Contested at Lightweight

Marquez: 145
Katsidis:  144

Manny Pacquiao VS Antonio Margarito - Contested at Light Middleweight

Pacquiao: 148
Margarito: 165

Andre Berto VS Freddy Hernandez - Contested at Welterweight

Berto: 159
Hernandez: 153


Shane Mosley VS Sergio Mora - Contested at Light Middleweight, with Mora failing to meet the weight obligation by 3 pounds

Mosley: 164
Mora: 164

Sergio Martinez VS Paul Williams II - Contested at Middleweight with a 158-pound catch-weight limit

Martinez: 168
Williams: 168

Victor Ortiz VS Vivian Harris - Both weighed in at 142 pounds - Technically contested at Welterweight.

Ortiz: 155
Harris: 150

Yuriorkis Gamboa VS Orlando Salido -  Contested at Featherweight

Gamboa: 140
Salido: 140

Brandon Rios VS Anthony Peterson - Contested at Lightweight 

Rios: 151
Peterson: 139


Devon Alexander VS Andriy Kotelnik - Contested at Light Welterweight

Alexander: 149
Kotelnik: 148


Juan Manuel Marquez VS Juan Diaz II - Contested at Lightweight

Marquez: 143
Diaz: 144

Dmitry Pirog VS Danny Jacobs - Contested at Middleweight

Pirog: 170
Jacobs: 170


Andre Berto VS Carlos Quintana - Contested at Welterweight

Berto: 153.5
Quintana: 161

Lucian Bute VS Edison Miranda - Contested at Super Middleweight

Bute: 182
Miranda: 185


Marcos Rene Maidana VS Victor Cayo - Contested at Light Welterweight

Maidana: 149
Cayo: 150

For matches with a listing in the 2000's, please click the following link:

For matches with a listing in the 1990's, please click the following link:

Source: Sources for all matches are during the fight broadcast's tale of the tape unless otherwise noted.

Post comments for any potential corrections or requests, please.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Mike Perez VS Carlos Takam: Takam Enters An Opponent, Finishes A Contender?

Mike Perez, having become one of the heavyweight division's hottest prospects after one of its best fights late last year (and most tragic outcomes) with Magomed Abdusalamov had his first fight in the aftermath Saturday night. He reportedly said he'd donate part of his purse to the Abdusalamov family. What happened? He was set up with a man sold as "an opponent" with a nice record on paper without much substance to it. That man entered the ring and started the match seemingly as just that. A safe, lackluster opponent for what might be a mentally damaged Mike Perez is every bit what Takam seemed to me in the first part of the fight.

The first half played out with Perez controlling and stalking slowly from the outside, with wide right hooks and straight lefts. The second half of this ten-rounder is Takam waging an inside fighting war the likes of which the heavyweight division virtually never sees anymore in the upper levels and getting the better of it with strength, volume and surprisingly good skill, for what he was advertised to be. This fight ended in a draw and while I actually narrowly scored it for Takam, there was nothing controversial here, beyond your typical outcry for the underdog in a close fight from underdog blind fans.

What does this mean for the division? 

For Takam: While Perez hopefuls have calmed down, wondering if Perez is the same fighter and probably forgotten that he blows hot and cold anyway, Takam is now a player in the division, having waged this war on the glory boxing network. While not much taller than Perez, he's got the weight of a true super heavyweight and this man can fight. If not a rematch? Takam and Dereck Chisora could enter into the best inside fighting heavyweight match of 2014! Takam made a fan out of me. I would not have predicted it after the first five rounds but he did. Congratulations to him for an HBO coming out party. Getting an opportunity to shine can be a matter of luck, but actually shining is most often a matter of will. Takam willfully forced himself into the real name heavyweight ranks against the odds.

For Perez: With all the letting go of Perez's chances in the division, I'm not at all convinced that he's got anything wrong with him and think he actually put on a good fight. For the time being, I am going to rate Takam higher more than Perez lower. But I am in the minority. Many are unwilling to consider him a standout contender after Saturday night. The favourite doesn't always perform like the favourite, but it doesn't mean they aren't performing. Perez and Takam both showed an awful lot of grit in the second half of the fight. For ten-rounders, that's two very grueling matches in a row for Perez, and in only a few months' time. I say we should give the man a break and let him regroup. That said, what this means for Perez is that he goes into the category of likely Klitschko domination opponents until further notice with the fan majority. Again, I am not personally convinced that there's been a great change in him stemming from the Abdusalamov fight, and that fight alone, but I am convinced that there are contenders a plenty who have unexpectedly difficult nights after looking spectacular and many of them have gone on to become champions, some of which get there immediately afterward. Perez could be in that group.

Broadcast Quotes:

During the 6th round:

Jim Lampley: I don't see any sign whatsoever that Perez is in some way affected by the mental hangover from the Abdusalamov thing. He's got a whole different problem in front of him and that's Carlos Takam.
Roy Jones Junior: None! A Whole different problem and a whole different type of a problem because he's fighting the same fight that they want Mike Perez to fight.

Other Broadcast Notes:

*Harold Lederman's card had Takam winning it, 96-94, broken down as:
Perez Rounds: 1,2,4 &5
Takam Rounds: 3 & 6-10

*Max Kellerman saw it as many fans and two of the three judges, five rounds to five. 

*Light Heavyweight Champion Adonis Stevenson was in attendance.

*HBO gives a link to donate to Magomed Abdusalamov and his family in their very difficult struggle, in the aftermath of his medical trauma, and all the expenses and uncertainty that have followed. That link is:

*Mike Perez's ring walk/entrance music is I'm Shipping Up To Boston, by Dropkick Murphys

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Catalogue Of Harold Lederman's HBO Unofficial Boxing Scorecards

This page is dedicated to cataloging HBO's long-time unofficial scorer's cards throughout the many years he has had the gig as a reference for anyone researching the matches or Lederman's scores in particular. Bookmark for future reference as I'll continue to add as many as I can.

Link to HBO Boxing:


Yves Ulysse Junior VS Cletus Seldin
Total Score: 100-87, for Ulysse
all 10's for Ulysse, to three 8's and seven 9's for Seldin. There is no other way to score the fight, that I can see.



Humberto Soto VS Antonio Orozco:
Total Score: 95-94, for Orozco

Soto Rounds: 1, 3, 6 & 7
Orozco Rounds: 2, 4, 5, 8 &10
Even/Draw Rounds: 9 (there was a questionable point deduction for low blows)

Official winner: Orozco


Jean Pascal VS Yunieski Gonzalez

Total Score: 97-93, for Gonzalez

Pascal Rounds: 4, 7 & 10
Gonzalez Rounds: 1-3, 5, 6, 8 & 9


Sadam Ali VS Francisco Santana: 
Total Score: 98-92, for Ali

Ali: 1, 2 & 5-10
Santana:  3 & 4

Wladimir Klitschko VS Bryant Jennings: 
Total Score: 117-110, for Klitschko

Klitschko: 1-5, 7, 8 & 11-12
Jennings: 6, 9
Draw: 10 (9-9 round after Klitschko is deducted 1 point for holding)


Vyacheslav Glazkov VS Steve Cunningham
Total Score: 115-113, for Cunningham

Cunningham Rounds: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 & 9
Glazkov Rounds: 3, 7, 10, 11 & 12

Isaac Chilemba VS Vasily Lepikhin:
Total Score: 100-90, for Chilemba

Chilemba Rounds: 1-10
Lepikhin Rounds: Not Applicable


Gilberto Ramirez VS Maxim Vlasov:
Total Score: 97-93, for Ramirez

Ramirez Rounds: 1, 3-7 & 9
Vlasov Rounds: 2, 8 & 10

2014 Fights:


Timothy Bradley VS Diego Chaves: 
Total Score: 116-112, for Bradley

Bradley Rounds: 1-5, 7, 8 & 10

Chaves Rounds:  6, 9, 11 & 12

Jose Benavidez VS Mauricio Herrera:
Total Score: 116-112, for Herrera

Herrera Rounds: 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12
Benavidez Rounds:4, 5, 6 & 11

Official Winner: Benavidez, UD


Sergey Kovalev VS Bernard Hopkins:

Total Score: 120-107, for Kovalev

Kovalev Rounds: 1-12
Hopkins Rounds: None


Jessie Vargas VS Anton Novikov:
Total Score: 115-113, for Vargas

Vargas Rounds: 1-3, 6, 9, 10 & 12
Novikov Rounds:  4, 5, 7, 8 & 11


Miguel Cotto VS Sergio Martinez:

Total Score (at the round prior to the stoppage):  79-70, for Cotto

Cotto Rounds: 1-4 & 6-8 (Round 1 a 10-6)
Martinez Rounds: 5


Viktor Postol VS Selcuk Aydin (preceding the stoppage round, for those interested)
Score: 88-83, for Postol

Postol Rounds: 2-7, 9 & 10
Aydin: 1 & 8

Juan Manuel Marquez VS Mike Alvarado: 
Total Score: 116-110, for Marquez

Marquez: 1-6, 8, 10 & 12
Alvarado:  7, 9 & 11


Orlando Salido VS Vasyl Lomachenko:

Note: Unless I missed it, I believe HBO did not post Harold's card after the twelfth and final round. However, this was his score for the first eleven:

Total Score: 105-104, for Salido

Salido Rounds: 2-4, 6, 8 & 9
Lomachenko Rounds: 1, 5, 7, 10 & 11

Julio Cesar Chavez Junior VS Brian Vera II:
Total Score: 116-111, for Chavez Junior, one point having been deducted from Vera for having the wrong referee, let's say

Chavez Rounds: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 & 11
Vera Rounds: 3, 6, 9 & 12


Mike Perez VS Carlos Takam
Score: 96-94, for Takam

Perez Rounds: 1,2,4 &5
Takam Rounds: 3 & 6-10



Mike Perez VS Magomed Abdusalamov

Total Score: 96-93, for Perez
Perez Rounds: 1, 2, 5-8 & 10
Abdusalamov Rounds: 3, 4 & 9


Ruslan Provodnikov VS Mike Alvarado
Total score going into the stoppage round (10): 87-82, for Provodnikov
Alvarado Rounds: 2, 3 & 6
Provodnikov Rounds: 1, 4, 5 & 7-9


Timothy Bradley VS Ruslan Provodnikov 
Total Score: 115-112, for Bradley
Bradley Rounds: 3-5 & 7-11
Provodnikov Rounds: 3, 4 and 12 (10-8)

Gennady Golovkin VS Curtis Stevens
Total Score, before the stoppage round: 70-62, for Golovkin

Golovkin Rounds: 1-7
Stevens Rounds: N/A



Sergio Martinez VS Julio Cesar Chavez Junior
Total Score: 118-109, for Martinez

Martinez Rounds: 1-11
Chavez Rounds: 12 (10-8)



Paul Williams VS Antonio Margarito
Total Score: 116-112, for Paul Williams

Williams Rounds: 1-6, 9 & 12
Margarito Rounds: 7, 8, 10 & 11


Juan Manuel Marquez VS Marco Antonio Barrera
Score: 114-113, for Marco Antonio Barrer

Barrera Rounds: 1-3, 6, 8, 9 & 11
Marquez Rounds: 4,5, 7, 10, 12



Floyd Mayweather Junior VS Zab Judah
Total Score: 116-112, for Mayweather Junior
Mayweather Rounds: 3 & 5-11
Judah Rounds: 1, 2, 4 & 12



Ronald Wright VS Shane Mosley (I) 
Total Score: 117-111, for Wright
Wright Rounds: 1-4 & 7-11
Mosley Rounds: 5, 6 & 12



Floyd Mayweather Junior VS Jose Luise Castillo
Total Score: 115-111, for Jose Luis Castillo

Mayweather Rounds: 1, 2, 4 & 9
Castillo Rounds: 3, 5, 6, 7 & 10-12 (Had the tenth round scored 10-8)
Draw Rounds: 8



Marco Antonio Barrera VS Naseem Hamed
Total Score: 115-112, for Marco Antonio Barrera

Barrera Rounds:  1, 4, 6-9 & 11
Hamed Rounds:  2, 3, 5 & 10
Draw Rounds: 12

1999 Fights:


Felix Trinidad VS Oscar De La Hoya
Total Score: 114-114, Draw
De La Hoya Rounds: 1-3 & 6-8
Trinidad Rounds: 4,5 & 9-12


Felix Trinidad VS Pernell Whitaker
Total Score: 117-110, for Felix Trinidad
Trinidad Rounds: 2, 3-6, 8-10 & 12
Whitaker Rounds: 1,7 & 11



Oscar De La Hoya VS Pernell Whitaker 
Total Score: 114-112, for De La Hoya
De La Hoya Rounds: 2-4 (3rd round scored 10-8), 7, 8, 10 & 12
Whitaker Rounds: 1, 5, 6, 9 (scored 10-8) & 11



Roy Jones Junior VS Bernard Hopkins
Total Score: 118-110, for Roy Jones Junior, 10 rounds to 2 (11&12). 



Evander Holyfield VS George Foreman
Total Score: 119-109, for Evander Holyfield
Holyfield Rounds: 1-5 & 7-12 (11th round was scored a 10-8)
Foreman Round: 6

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