Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bryant Jennings Quote Page

The following is a page devoted to quotes from up-and-coming heavyweight contender and U.S. titlist Bryant "By-By" Jennings:

"Boxing's so easy. I started four years ago, January 2009. Man, I walked into the gym and I was-I exceeded expectations so far that there was no way I could turn back."

~ On Elie Seckbach's ESNEWS YT Channel interview, published Sep 8, 2013
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On the pre-fight interview, aired on HBO's Bryant Jennings VS Artur Szpilka/Mikey Garcia VS Juan Carlos Burgos card, airing January of 2014:

"We had some hard times. I have two brothers that's incarcerated. And then my father's incarcerated. I just, I kind of had to break the cycle."  

"My dreams was to become a professional football player. I never gave up until something else appeared to be just as good. That's when boxing came along, and the moment I walked into the gym they locked the doors and kept me in there. By the time they opened up the doors and told me to walk out I'm like 'I don't want to leave.' "

"I work forty hours a week at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. I'm a building mechanic."

At the first official press conference for his match with Wladimir Klitschko, New York, 4th of February, 2015:

"I'm a great person, I have, you know, some amount of intelligence. I ain't stupid."

"I've respected his style. I respect his legacy. You know, I've seen things that he's done over the course of the years. It's definitely untouchable in my lifetime. . . But, you know, I'm not here to praise him. I'm here to praise myself and, you know, give you guys a warmup. I feel the heat right now."

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