Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Outcome of the Samuel Peter Comeback: GIF Spotlight

An explanation of this GIF: The former WBC heavyweight champion and Olympian Sam Peter made his comeback after a valiant effort against Robert Helenius in 2011 which got him KO'd. Not many talked about this comeback match in September of 2014, and sadly we can see why, if the footage this came from was marked correctly. It was a 291-pound Samuel Peter against a 301-pound Ron Aubrey. Peter was 31 pounds heavier than his scrap with Robert Helenius and about 50 pounds heavier than in his title challenge against Wladimir Klitschko. Sad to see but considering I sped up the GIF after the highlight reel KO punch, you can uplift yourself by playing Yakety Sax in your mind while you watch. You're welcome.

PS: This Yakety Sax Jedi Mind Trick (YSJMT) can be used on any Mickey Rourke fight as well. Again, you're welcome. You're welcome, and I'm sorry. I think that ought to cover it.

Work that bag,
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