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What Do Light Middleweights Rehydrate To? An Unofficial Weight Reference List

The following is a list compiled from our main page:

Fight Night Boxing Weights: A List Of Unofficial Weigh-in Weights After Rehydration

Please note: This particular reference list page is only for Light Middleweights fighting without catch-weights, that we have on file. Where we have seen catch-weights implemented within the Light Middleweight range, we have made note. This page is meant to answer the question only of what your standard Light Middleweight rehydration will look like for educational purposes, whether you are interested academically or for betting purposes, debate, whatever. I hope you find it helpful if you've recently done a search for it. If you like what we do here, please bookmark, share, link to us, comment, etc. If you have a correction on any typos or special, relevant information you feel we should make note of, any error or anything at all, please feel free to comment. What we get the most response to we will likely work the most to expand on. Thanks for your visit.

The Light Middleweight Division, AKA Junior Middleweight Division, AKA Super Welterweight Division: 154 lbs



Terrell Gausha VS Luis Grajeda - Contested at Light Middleweight: While Gausha came in technically at light middleweight, Grajeda was technically two pounds into the middleweight range, and is listed as a middleweight fighter.
(PBC on NBC Broadcast)
Gausha: Official: 154 - Unofficial: 169
Grajeda: Official: 156 - Unofficial: 167
Errol Spence Junior VS Phil Lo Greco - Contested technically at Light Middleweight. Spence is assumed to be a welterweight prospect though often fights just above the limit. Lo Greco is thought to be a Light Middleweight fighter, but was called on short notice (3 days). This was a PBC broadcast TOTT. This is listed on our welterweights page because of Spence Junior's status as a welterweight fighter, so that you do not miss his listings, as well as on our Light Middleweights page.

Spence: Official: 149 - Unofficial: 162
Lo Greco: Official: 152 - Unofficial: 164



Erislandy Lara VS Ishe Smith - Contested at Light Middleweight

Lara: 170.5
Smith: ? (Showtime did not have this weight on their TOTT)

Jermall Charlo VS Lenny Bottai 

Charlo: 170
Bottai: 160



Demetrius Andrade VS Vanes Martirosyan - Contested at Light Middleweight

Andrade: 166
Martirosyan: 164


Erislandy Lara VS Alfredo Angulo - Contested at Light Middleweight

Lara: 164
Angulo:  174



Keith Thurman VS Carlos Quintana - Contested at Light Middleweight with a 152-pound catch-weight limit

Thurman: 160
Quintana: 165


Saul Alvarez VS Shane Mosley - Contested at Light Middleweight

Alvarez: 167
Mosley: 164



James Kirkland VS Alfredo Angulo - Contested at Light Middleweight

Kirkland: ???
Angulo: 163

Angulo's weight was released by HBO commentator Jim Lampley, however, not Kirkland's. Jim said:

"Alfredo Angulo unofficially weighs 163 tonight and the people in Kirkland's camp would not let us know what is his unofficial weight."

Saul Alvarez VS Matthew Hatton - Contested at Light Middleweight

Alvarez: 165
Hatton:  157



Manny Pacquiao VS Antonio Margarito - Contested at Catchweight of 150 lbs

Pacquiao: 148
Margarito: 165


Shane Mosley VS Sergio Mora - Contested at Light Middleweight, with Mora failing to meet the weight obligation by 3 pounds

Mosley: 164
Mora: 164



James Kirkland VS Joel Julio - Contested at Light Middleweight

Kirkland: 166
Julio:  167


Sergio Martinez VS Kermit Cintron - Contested at Light Middleweight

Martinez: Official: 153.25 - Unofficial: 164
Cintron:   Official: 154 -      Unofficial: 164



James Kirkland VS Eromosele Albert - Contested at Light Middleweight:

Kirkland: 158
Albert: 158



Vernon Forrest VS Carlos Baldomir - Contested at Light Middleweight

Forrest: 160
Baldomir: 162



Shane Mosley VS Fernando Vargas II - Contested at Light Middleweight

Mosley: 159
Vargas: 168


Shane Mosley VS Fernando Vargas I - Contested at Light Middleweight

Mosley: 159
Vargas: 166



Shane Mosley VS Oscar De La Hoya II (rematch/second meeting) - Contested at Light Middleweight

De La Hoya: 158
Mosley: 161

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Source: Sources for all matches are during the fight broadcast's tale of the tape unless otherwise noted.

Post comments for any potential corrections or requests, please.

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