Monday, January 5, 2015

Zab Judah Throws His Stool at Referee Jay Nady: GIF Spotlight

On the third of November, 2001, Zabdiel Judah and Kostya Tszyu fought a massive unification bout at Light Welterweight on Showtime. After a sharp first round by Judah, Tszyu found the button with his right hand and put Judah down hard. An inexperienced Judah stood up immediately, wobbled and stumbled back down. Referee Jay Nady called it there and Judah rushed to his feet again to convince Nady he was alright, unsteadily going backward as he did so, with Nady holding his gloves to keep him upright.

The rest of the broadcast focused on the immature future lineal welterweight champion and possible HOF'er throwing an enormous tantrum while his father, Yoel Judah, security guards and others, tried their best to calm him down and keep him from going after Nady, who had a security presence in front of him for a bit as well, as unconcerned as Nady seemed. Zab even put his gloved hand on the far larger Ref's throat and threw his stool at him. Maybe he didn't throw the stool at him, maybe he just threw it, period. With the condition Judah was in, I'm only glad when I say 'stool' that I mean the furniture you sit on. Because Zab was just that out of his mind on the night!

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