Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Klitschko Arm: GIF Spotlight, with Tony Thompson

In a grueling, competitive enough match in 2008, Wladimir Klitschko scored a one-punch knockout over big, crafty southpaw Tony "The Tiger" Thompson, defending his major world title and status as the premiere heavyweight of his time. Thompson was laid out in a way that didn't look like he would recover (he actually did get to his feet somehow, though it was called off).

He fell an odd way, with his right arm instinctively curling up into a pillow for the side of his head. What's even stranger than Thompson finding his way back to a position of mandatory challenger for the same title at age 40, and against the same man, is that when he fought Klitschko the second time, in 2012, and was knocked out after a roughhousing flurry forcing him to the ropes, it happened again. Same pose. I now deem this position in a knockdown as "Klitschko Arm". Tony Thompson got Klitschko Arm'd. You don't want to get Klitschko Arm.

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