Monday, April 13, 2015

Bob Foster's Slick But Frightening KO of Mike Quarry: GIF Spotlight

Legendary light heavyweight knockout artist Bob Foster defended the light heavyweight title of the world against undefeated Mike Quarry, brother of heavyweight contender Jerry Quarry, with a ruthless knockout left hook. It was the 27th of June, 1972, and Mike Quarry was 35-0. Foster coolly annihilated Quarry, cocking his head as he walked away as if to say "Tough break, kid. These are the big leagues." but then comes over out of concern for his unconscious foe when it became clear he wasn't getting up. Notice Mike's cornerman lifting his head and dropping it. Mike is still gone. Bob would keep the light heavyweight title until retiring in 1974 and go down as one of the most dangerous punchers the division has ever seen. 

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