Sunday, April 19, 2015

Damage Report, With Ruslan Provodnikov: Quote Spotlight

Last night, in a grueling, brutal, bloody affair, Lucas Matthysse used his superior diversity to win a war with Ruslan Provodnikov on HBO's terrific card, which included standout talent Terence Crawford coming up in weight to fight 140-pound prospect Thomas Dulorme. Provodnikov marched forward, all night, refusing to go out, refusing to go down, refusing to be pushed back. The price he paid for this war? According to Provodnikov, yet another instance of the same horrifying side effect he'd received for his troubles against fellow blood-and-guts warrior Timothy Bradley. He posted this, on his official Instagram account (if squeamish, please don't focus on the first picture and scroll down to the comments image):


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Plain text of quote: "I want to say I'm sorry to all my fans! I lost tonight, and I felt like I could've won this fight. I almost had him, but the fight happened the way it happened. A lot of respect for Lucas, he was the better fighter tonight. One more fight in my career when I did my doping test I had black urine, the first one was against Tim Bradley..I hope everybody saw what they expected from this fight."

There you have it. If the gaping cut above his left eye weren't reminder enough of what these brave athletes give to the fights, this is the second time Provodnikov has confessed to having black urine after a boxing match. This is the reality of the physical tolls that the most determined fighters can not just receive, but endure to the end of the contest without giving up hope of victory. These are the unnerving symptoms of going through hell in the ring. Best wishes to both men and their health and congratulations to both on the amount of determination they put on display. It was a memorable night. Unfortunately, it's also a memorable picture of Ruslan's black urine sample. But from what I regularly read on the Internet forums, some fans need a reminder like this of the bravery and demands of being a boxer to fix their perspective. Respect and appreciation, my friends.

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